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Funny Team Names

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in TeamName.com
Here you will find our most frequently asked questions along with a detailed response to help you with your situation.
What is an eBook?
The electronic version of a printed book. It is a publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and readable on computers or other electronic devices.
How many devices can I use the book on?
In order to protect the ebook from copyright infringement the end user is only allowed to download and use an ebook on a single device. We recommend using a USB drive or another portable device so you are able to view your team names ebook anywhere there is a computer.
How soon will I receive my ebook?
Your team names ebook will be available to view in minutes. You can either purchase an activation code through the book itself if you downloaded a free version or you can place an order on our website for an activation code to use once you download the ebook provided in the email confirmation or download link after checkout.
How often do you update your team name ebooks?
We add new and unique team names daily to our team name ebook lists, however, we only publish these updates once a month.
What team name lists are included in the "Miscellaneous" ebook?
The Miscellaneous Team Names eBook is unique in that it's lists include all the other "more specific" team names that are out there. See the lists at : ( Miscellaneous Team Names eBook )
Can I test out a team names book before purchasing?
Certainly, All of our team name ebooks come in a FREE Version. click here : ( Team Name eBooks )
What is an ebook activation key?
It is a unique code used to make your FREE Version ebook into a FULL Version ebook. Our FREE Version team name ebooks limit you to only see the team name list titles (no actual team names). The FULL Version allows you to view all the team names under each list that the book has generated. This code also tracks the usage of your ebook so the book can't be duplicated or used on another device.
What is an ebook license?
It is a unique set of characters attached to your ebook that enables us to keep track of our ebooks and if they are being used in an unlawful way.
Can I purchase a team name ebook in a different format?
No, unfortunately we only offer the one format at this time.
Are these ebooks tracked?
Yes, in order to protect the ebook from being used on an unauthorized device or duplicated we have to track the ebook license. There is no collection of any personal information or activity on your computer.
Are the ebooks protected?
Yes, our ebooks are designed not to open if even one single character in the programing is altered. If you are unable to open your team name ebook, you can request a new copy.
How do I purchase a team names ebook?
You can download a FREE Version ebook and purchase the book through the ebook itself or you can purchase a FULL Version ebook on our website.
What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards, Paypal, and Google Checkout.
How long is my team name book good for?
Your team names ebook is good forever. If your ebook was lost or deleted you will simply need to redownload the ebook on our website and use the activation key to reactivate it.
What if the device I use was lost, damaged, or needs to be updated?
You will need to contact us and request a new activation key. As long as we are satisfied with your explanation about your device, we will send you the new key.
Can I resell your team name ebooks?
No, unfortunately at this time we do not allow the resell of our ebooks or use with any affiliates.
What is your return policy?
For more information, please visit : ( TeamName.com Return Policy )
What is your privacy policy?
For more information, please visit : ( TeamName.com Privacy Policy )
What is your terms & conditions?
For more information, please visit : ( TeamName.com Terms & Conditions )
What happens if my team names ebook doesn't work?
The activation key enables you to reactivate the eBook on your device if your ebook doesn't open or was lost. You will simply need to redownload the ebook on our website and use the key to reactivate it. If this doesn't work you can always ask us for a new copy of your team names ebook.
How many team name book volumes do you have?
We currently have 16 ebook volumes plus our "ALL Team Names" all-in-one team name ebook. For the complete list click here : ( Team Name eBooks )
Do you offer an affiliate program?
No, unfortunately at this time we do not allow affiliates to list our ebooks online.
Can I share my team names book license with friends?
No, unfortunately you are only allowed to download and use an ebook on a single device. This is to protect our team name ebooks from copyright infringement.
Can I use your team name ebooks over a network?
No, unfortunately the end user is not allowed to make an eBook available over a network where it could be used by multiple devices or computers.
Available Team Name E-Books
Funny Team NamesFantasy Team NamesFootball Team NamesBasketball Team NamesSoccer Team NamesHockey Team NamesBaseball Team NamesBowling Team NamesVolleyball Team NamesSoftball Team NamesProfessional Team NamesCollege Team NamesTrivia Team NamesWork Team NamesWellness Team NamesMiscellaneous Team NamesALL Team Names
Download Team Name EBooks
Our Complete Edition Team Names eBook includes all the team name lists from our 15 Single Edition Team Name eBooks + our Miscellaneous Team Names eBook. Our Single Edition Team Name eBooks (Vols.1-15) are the most searched for team name lists. Our Miscellaneous Team Name eBook (Vol.16) includes every other team name list you can think of for any kind of team.
What is included in a Team Name E-Book
Each Team Names E-Book is organized into "Lists" which include team name ideas that relate to the list title. SEE ALL LISTS : ( Team Name Lists )
    Example : The Football Team Names E-Book has a list called Flag Football Team Names with Flag Football Team Name Ideas. Another list is called Touch Football Team Names with Touch Football Team Name Ideas.
We continue to search for cool and fun team names. Pick from our team name ideas or use our team name lists to generate ideas for your teams name. From fun team names to clever team names to any kind of team name. SEE ALL E-BOOKS : ( Team Name eBooks )
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Funny Team Names
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Team Names
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